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    R12.2.2 : Multi-node Install on Linux (App Tier) and Unix (DB Tier)




      I have some questions about the R12.2.2 installation.


      The requirement is to build a new R12.2.2 environment.The application needs to be on Linux 64 bit OS while the database on HP UNIX Itanium. The DB node will be just the database alone, while forms, reports, concurrent manager, oacore, apache on the linux apps tier. I have downloaded the required software for linux and HP UX Itanium from edelivery website. My question is where and how to begin the install ? So far I haven't found a step by step documentation for a multi node install with different OS.


      1. Should I use the HP UX Itanium zip files to run the install? If so, Is there a document/screenshot that I could follow to see what all options should I select. I just have Oracle RDBMS/database on HP Unix.

      2. What are the options I should select when I run Apps Middle Tier ?



      Cherrish Vaidiyan

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