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Put sequence into form region source

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I just started with Apex. I have problem with simple form. I don't know how put currval from sequences into region source in my form.

I found that I can' do that(put sequences after "WHERE"), so please give me some advice about another way.





   "TableName"."ColumnName" "ColumnName",

    "TableName"."Number" "Number",








I try put it in  region source. It somethink like filter on "Number" column, but not exactly.


I Message I get:           ORA-02287: sequence number not allowed here

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    What exactly are you trying to accomplish??  you can have an item get this as its default value..


    If you have an item called jumbo


    After defining the item and going in a few page clicks, you are presented with these options:


    Number Field

    Change the source type to Sql Select return single value


    For Item Source Value use this

    SELECT <Sequence_Name>.nextval from dual;


    This will pull the next value from the defined sequence..


    Hope that helps..


    Thank you,


    Tony Miller

    LuvMuffin Software


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    Problem is simplier I suppose

    I'll try to explain:


    I have 2 tables:

       first one with 2 colums:

                             number (PK)


      second with few colums, one of them have same values as PK from first ( used trigger, sequences etc)



    When I insert data in first table, then I wanna "jump" to second and insert there. But the problem is that after this "jump" it shows me all data included in table2-> I wanna see only these one where PK is my current value (not every latest). Now I'm thinking using  <Sequence_Name>.currval isn't the best soluution, but also I dont wanna change my form-page. It cost me lots of work.


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