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    Contractor Schedule Input Standardization : What Functionalities of EPPM to be standardize?


      Dear Friends,

      We are in  phase of standardization of Primavera Functionalities for our contractors and as well for us. We have various subcontractors working for us and we want to receive standard input so that Master scheduler can update schedule easily and  without wasting time in understanding different kind of input.


      Below are some of my Ideas and would request you add it with your reasoning and way of implementation

      1. Standardization of resources - Major Quantity resources and Human resources (Responsible Manager)
      2. Standardization of Activity codes - It will ease of Master Schedule to filer as per activity code for management reports and updates
      3. Standardization of Layouts - It will easy for contractors to update the schedule in a view which is created by us. It will help to improve communication and avoid misunderstanding.
      4. *S Curves Resource:  To Generate S-Curves, Standard resource can be applied to all/ selected activity. This will be done at our end.
      5. Notebook Topics: To add standard description of activities as.
      6. Issues , Activity Steps and Risk ..


      Hope to get expert opinion as well comments on above !!