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    ODI Workrep import is going to hung state


      Hi Experts,


      We are importing Work repository (provided by oracle) to our new environment. This process is getting hung immediately.

      When we start import below sessions are getting created but going into inactive mode. ( we r using ODI, app is FTI).


      FTIWORK         None       761,9461      FTIWORK.SNP_COL                     Row Exclusive
                                              FTIWORK.SNP_SUB_MODEL               Row Exclusive
                                              FTIWORK.SNP_KEY_COL                 Row Exclusive
                                              FTIWORK.SNP_KEY                     Row Exclusive
                                              FTIWORK.SNP_SOURCE_TAB              Row Exclusive
                                              FTIWORK.SNP_TXT_CROSSR              Row Exclusive
                                              FTIWORK.SNP_POP                     Row Exclusive
                                              FTIWORK.SNP_STEP                    Row Exclusive
                                              FTIWORK.SNP_JOIN                    Row Exclusive
                                              FTIWORK.SNP_COND                    Row Exclusive
                                              FTIWORK.SNP_JOIN_COL                Row Exclusive
                                              FTIWORK.SNP_TABLE                   Row Exclusive

      Please help on how to resolve this asap

      Thanks & Regards