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    If F5 is used ,the ADF page hangs - using clientListener and serverListener tags


      Hi All,

      I am using jdev

      On table row click we are using javascript method call using clientListener and serverListener which call bean method.
      we are using dynamic UI shell tab implementation.
      If we fire F5 page hangs and freezes the screen, i have to forcefully close the browser to do other actions.

      If i remove javascript and its calling tags it is working fine on using F5.

      I am using javascript method calling 

      Sample code:

      <af:resource type="javascript">
        function rowClick(event) {
        var table = event.getSource();
        var id = event.getNativeEventTarget().firstChild.id;
        if (id != "") {
        AdfCustomEvent.queue(table, "serverlist",{}, false);


      <af:clientListener type="click" method="rowClick"/>
        <af:serverListener type="serverlist"

      I have searched in oracle forum where i found similar F5 issue ,but no actually solution was provided.

      I have raised SR for the above issue :SR 3-8165957471.

      thanks in advance.