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    Resource Adapter deployment on cluster




      I have a weblogic cluster with 2 nodes and a load balancer. Recently I have deployed a database adapter to connect to a sql server database which is used by a service (OSB proxy service). The deployed was performed with both nodes running and I connected to the admin console using the LB IP. The deployed was done with successful and I have restarted both nodes. The cluster is configured with a stage mode in order to copy files from admin server.


      When I call this service, it goes ok when node1 is used but not ok when node2 is used. It gives an JCA error accessing the sql server database. To solve this issue I had to copy the deployment plan file from node1 to node2 and reploy de dbadapter resource with node1 down in order to update the node2. I was expecting that these files were updated on both nodes whenever I deploy a resource adapter on admin console.


      What am I doing wrong? Or what config should I check/update on admin console in order to avoid this manual task?




      António Amado