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    Number Formar Mask on Oracle Reports 11g


      Hi. My forms and reports were showing the american format mask for numbers, like "123,123.45", and we needed to use the brazilian format, which would be "123.123,45". I could solve it changing NLS_LANG on my default.env in Oracle Forms, but the reports are still showing me the american mask.


      I tried to set NLS_LANG at reports.sh, but nothing changed. Where should I configure the correct language for the reports server? I tried to find it in other posts, but no success.


      Server O.S.= Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.9 64 bit

      Forms & Reports Services


      Thanks in advance.

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          Update: It worked when I out the following line on reports.sh:



          The problem is that this is at system-level, all users must have the same format mask. In forms, as I configure it on the env file, I can have multiple configurations. Is there another way to solve this issue?


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            You can create the environment for reports as well as for forms. This is done in the <REPORTS_SERVER>.conf file in <Oracle_Home>/reports/conf/. The whole section in this file would look something like this (depending on your actual values):


               <environment id="BRAZILIAN">
                  <envVariable name="REPORTS_PATH" value="<copy_from_the_current_environment>"/>
                  <envVariable name="NLS_LANG" value="BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE_BRAZIL.WE8MSWIN1252"/>
                  <envVariable name="NLS_DATE_FORMAT" value="DD/MM/YYYY"/>
                  <envVariable name="NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS" value=",."/>


            Good luck,


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              How to we choose the environment when running reports?