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    Manual update tables on 11g Logical Standby


      Dear all,


      I got one physical primary DB and one logical standby DB running and SQL apply.  Same configuration (32bit DB, same server spec) and same settings for both DB servers.

      I don't know but for some reason, a table in the logical standby DB (which also exists in the primary DB) cannot be updated properly, a delete statement for a single row can end up generating ORA-4030 and there is no reason primary can complete the task but the logical cannot. Finally, I skipped the table in SQL apply.


      As the table is a monthly statistics table computed from another daily statistics table, and it is so large that I dont want to re-instatiate the table via the network, nor re-program the queries.

      Therefore I decide to trigger the computation on the logical side.


      My question is, given that I skipped the table in SQL, will the manual update create trouble for the SQL apply process?  I wonder how the redo procedure handles both tables under SQL apply and those under manual update.