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    Dynamic menu and security context based on database


      hi gurus,


      i have a case, where i want to put role and menu access on database.

      i've seen the tutorial from edwin biemond to create a page navigation based on role from database data.

      but from that tutorial, i realize that user still can access other page that are not show in the page navigation (menu)

      so how can i drive the user that not authenticated to access several page (based on the role and menu from database) to the default page (home page)




      userJUW have role as a sales.

      role sales only have access to menu : salesInput, salesReport

      when userJUW tried to access other menu e.g : productReport (access the other menu via typing the url in browser url bar), then userJUW must be inform that he is not authenticated to access the productReport page and then redirect to home page.


      pls throw some light