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    Problem with  execute  FTP transfer  on Oracle Warehouse Builder


      I have  Oracle database  and  Oracle warehouse Builder  64bit   version.


      I made  proces flow in OWB  with FTP action.


      FTP configuration is:


      Command  :  C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ftp.exe


      Parameter_list :  ?"-s:${Task.Input}"?


      Script :

      open ${Remote.Host}



      lcd ${Working.RootPath}

      cd ${Remote.RootPath}

      get R.dmp




      FTP script  execute  ok,   from  Windows  command  prompt  (for real parametar value).  But  my  process flow    FAILURE  on FTP action .

      It is seem ,  problem make    "Attempting to create native operator 'class.RuntimePlatform.0.NativeExecution.FTP' ".


      I do not know  whtat to do.


      Thanks  for  help