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    Temp folder filling up with .jar files


      On the 11th of November we did a reboot of our database server.  on the 25th, we had a backup fail due to no space left on our C drive.  A search of the drive showed us that our Windows\TEMP folder was filling up with .jar files. These files are 2.2megs and we are seeing about 600-800megs worth of files in a 24hour period.


      The files are all axis2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxaxis2-1.6.2.jar files.  There was a few 1.5.4 files that were ending in ping.1.5.4.jar, etc.


      We have Java installed and have a couple of interface that are Java based, but those were installed by the vendor and have not been upgraded anytime recently.




      Unfortunately, we have no Java Support contract so I'm looking for help elsewhere.  Any clues as to what is generating these files and how to shut it off?