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    FRM-41331 could not the delete the element

    shagar mahabubjan

      Hi All,


          I got the error when I am trying to populate the list item..


      Here I Write the query in WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED


        vGroupId  varchar2(10);
        vRecGrpId recordgroup := find_group('rg_test');
        vGroupId := populate_group(vRecGrpId);


      I create a record group-->rg_test

      Query: select code,DESCRIPTION from test_list order by DESCRIPTION


      If i run the form and push the button its shows the list item values

      My problem is after forms runs I inserted the new value in DB, again I ll push the button its show error "FRM-41331 could not the delete the element"

      Pls Help me I want to populate the values again and again after insert