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    Apex on Amazon EC2


      I want to deploy an Apex packaged application I've written to the Amazon cloud. Does anyone have experience of how licensing is handled there?


      I know Amazon offer Oracle RDS with a license included option but if I deploy the application without RDS, in an EC2 instance launched using an Oracle supplied AMI does the license come with it?


      The AMI I want to use is this one: https://aws.amazon.com/amis/oracle-database-11g-release-2-11-2-0-1-standard-edition-one-64-bit


      In a nutshell, I'm unclear as to whether the Oracle supplied AMIs have a license. If they don't then why do Oracle supply them but if the license is included then why use RDS?

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          Jayson Hanes

          Hey Phil.. sorry to report that I don't have anything useful to contribute in a reply on this topic -- HOWEVER -- I too am interested in the answer. I recall that in around 2009 when I first looked into EC2 and Apex 3.x.. the cost structure was so over my head that I just gave up on it. It would be great to learn more about this service .. could you even upgrade those APEX instances in those AMI's? what app server is being used in those set-ups? EPG or listener? -- so many questions!


          The licensing for the Oracle DB has been an issue for us these past couple years as we have been virtualizing all MSSQL DBs, but cannot do the Oracle DB's because of the physical-core counts as it applies to Oracle's terms for the licensing. So how is it really handled in EC2.. there really is scant documentation online an this topic... (sadly)

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            Jayson Hanes

            That's a great how-to.. too bad it's almost *5 years* old.. surely they've updated the method of interaction by now? And still, the licensing question isn't very clear.. it cannot all be black-magic can it? lol..

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              Jayson Hanes

              Phil, I found this site:http://jastraub.blogspot.com/2009/03/test-drive-oracle-application-express.html

              which is Jason Straub's blog.. who is the author of that other how-to linked above.. the comments section has the same question you asked, being asked, and, also has a "not officially answered, but, answered" response..  ironically, his EC2 instance isn't working anymore.. nor was it when that article was written and commented on-- which doesn't look good at all, and, is how it looked to me back in 2009 when I looked at it originally...


              Anyway.. this leads us to David Peake on Oracle APEX: APEX in the Cloud?

              which means basically we are probably best to email David directly, unless he replies here..

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                Hi Phil,


                I'm no expert on Oracle licenses on AWS, and the following comments are my own and should not be interpreted as official statements from Oracle, but from what I see:


                1)  RDS  Amazon RDS for Oracle Database - you can either bring your own Oracle license or in another model where the Oracle license is included in the price.


                2)  Everything other than RDS - you either bring your license or buy an Oracle license. 


                The fact that something is wrapped up in an AMI to facilitate getting up and running doesn't imply any software licensing, as far as I know.



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                  The point of the article was to describe (at the time) how to set up your own EC2 instance. I included a link, which was probably a mistake because I knew that I would not leave the instance up for long. I can assure you, the link did work for some time, however brief it was.




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                    Thanks for the answers. I've just found another troubling piece of information. It seems RDS is stuck on Apex 4.1


                    Appendix: Options for Oracle DB Engine - Amazon Relational Database Service


                    Are we able to upgrade it to Apex 4.2?


                    If not, then is the only option for deploying an Apex 4.2 application on Amazon to buy a license from Oracle (expensive for a small enterprise) and use EC2 rather than RDS?


                    Are there other cloud companies out there that have a license included option?


                    I'm in the position of having an Apex 4.2 application ready to roll but unsure of how to actually do it in a cost effective way.

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                      I've looked at all of the cloud vendors on Oracle's site APEX Hosting Companies but nothing stands out as being as flexible as Amazon.


                      Many of the offerings seem like Oracle's own Apex cloud product in that you don't get your own machine to administer and customise. Amazon's offering would be fine except it appears that Amazon RDS might be stuck on Apex 4.1


                      One option to consider is deploying on Oracle Database XE in an Amazon EC2 environment.


                      From what I read you can do that free of charge although version 11G of XE is limited to 11GB of user data, use up to 1GB of memory, and use one CPU on the host machine.


                      It's not ideal but for now it's an option. It gives you a basic, free launch platform and you can buy licenses later on when you need a bigger database or hopefully by then Amazon would have brought Apex 4.2 to RDS.


                      These are my current thoughts. If anyone else has suggestions or experience with a good hosted solution I'd welcome the information.

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                        Jayson - you can upgrade the Oracle AMIs from Apex 4.1 to Apex 4.2.