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    How can I make apex read from a com port?


      How can I make apex read from a com port?  I am trying to capture weights from a scale.  I need to be able to capture the weights and then read them into a form in apex.

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          Jayson Hanes

          This really isn't an apex question. Apex in this case is no different than "a web site" -- which could only mean for you that you'd need your users to have some device that interfaces with the users' keyboard like a barcode reader.. I am unaware of any scales that output their data like that though.. it seems logical to assume there are scales that output to serial, but, in order for "a web site" to monitor the serial port you're going to need a locally running application on the computer to behave like a serial-to-keyboard interface -- this could be done in java or perhaps in activex under internet explorer.. but that sure could get messy fast.. again, this has nothing to do with Apex.. but perhaps my thoughts help you research it..