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    Scene Builder is now Open Source

    Simon Vienot

      We're very happy to announce that Scene Builder is now open source, as a part of the OpenJFX project.


      The whole Scene Builder functionality is provided, including the SB Kit API (designed for integration of SB features into third party tools) as well as the standalone SB application.

      This code is made available under the terms of a BSD-style license, similar to JavaFX samples.

      The only part of the product which remains closed is the native packaging/installer code.


      Scene Builder source code is located in apps/scenebuilder/ in the OpenJFX repository.

      Building and running the Scene Builder application from these sources can be done either of the following ways:

      • From NetBeans: open the SceneBuilderApp project and run it (you need a JDK 1.8 Java Platform configured)
      • From the command line:
        $ cd SceneBuilderApp
        $ ant -Dplatforms.JDK_1.8.home=<path_to_JDK_home> run


      As usual your contribution and feedback are welcome.

      The Scene Builder team.

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          That's really great Simon.


          SceneBuilder is such a fantastic tool, especially released under a BSD-style license!


          It's really good to have an open source commercial quality significant JavaFX project.

          I'm sure there is much to learn from the code which could be used in other applications.


          SceneBuilder has SceneBuilderApp and SceneBuilderKit, could you explain what these are?

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            Simon Vienot

            Thank you for the nice feedback!

            Beyond providing SB itself, we indeed hope very much that the code will more largely be useful to the community, as a big JavaFX sample application.


            SceneBuilderKit contains the API allowing to integrate SB functionality into the GUI of a third party tool, such as an IDE.

            As you probably know, with the 2.0 release, SB code base has been deeply re-factored to make it modular such that each of the Panels (Content, Inspector, Hierarchy, etc...) can be instantiated and brought up independently of the others. So, in a nutshell, the SB Kit API allows to orchestrate the editing of an FXML document and to control the various panels.


            SceneBuilderApp contains the code of the SB standalone application. It is itself built on top of SceneBuilderKit, and will provide the all-in-one document window you are now familiar with, as well as top level menu bar, preview in a separate window, preference dialog (not quite there), about dialog, etc…

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              Wow, that's really great, not only a useful app, but a sample app and sample component platform as well :-)