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    FDM Account credentials storage?

    Benjamin Finkel

      I am having a sporadic, but recurring issue, where a Windows AD account in my production domain (PROD) is being locked out.  This lockout always comes "from" my FDM server in a different domain, DEV.


      The account is the service account that FDM is configured to run under.  There is both a DEV\SVCFDM and PROD\SVCFDM account which have different passwords.  I believe that in copying my app and database from the production installation to the dev installation, I have somehow brought over a reference to the PROD\SVCFDM account but it has the DEV... password.  Consequently when it tries to log into that PROD account it locks it out.


      Where does FDM store the account configuration from the Load Balancer configuration and Task Manager configuration?  Is that somewhere in the FDM relational database or is it stored in the file system somewhere?


      Thanks in advance for any help.



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          For the Task manager, the password is stored in the Logon Tab of the HyperionFinancialDataQuality Task Manager Service in the windows service panel

          For the FDM load Balance Configuration it is set on the identity of the Load Balance Server DCOM object on the FDM application server.


          The service account password is not stored in the database.


          Do you have any custom scripts that are executing that are storing the old password and causing the lockout possibly?


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            Account gets locked only when we are trying to login with incorrect password , as long as you have same password set for both domains and you are using domain\username then it shouldn't make a difference .




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              Benjamin Finkel



              We have different passwords for the account in the two domains, so I'm sure that's where the problem is coming from.

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                Benjamin Finkel

                Thanks Jeff, but more specifically I was wondering where on the file system/database it saves that information?  I know how to access it via the configuration utilities but I'm worried that it's saved in a config file somewhere that I'm not seeing through those utilities.

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                  Hi Benjamin,


                  I guess Password for service account doesnt get stored in somewhere FDM config . If password for the the service account gets stored somewhere in config files then the password you entered while configuring FDM should be used always as it is got stored(hard coded) somewhere in config files and changing the domain password shouldn't affect FDM login for that service account but which is not the case so basically the password gets stored in AD config side rather than the  FDM side it just authenticates based on the acknowledgement from AD something like TRUE allow to login and False don't allow to login.


                  The passwords for native user end would be stored at FDM end but not sure of the location , happy to know further on this if someone is able to provide.




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                    The password for the service account would not be stored on the file system except if it was used for a scheduled task and it was in the FDMTaskManagerConfiguration file under Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\Products\FinancialDataQualtiy\SharedComponents\Config


                    The password for the configuration items is stored in the windows DCOM objects.  If you reset the Configuration, the password would be changed on the objects.