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    Fast Start Failover not kicking in




      I have a Data Configuration with Fast Start Failover enabled and the Observer running. I have purposefully shutdown my Primary database to see if the Standby would automatically be failed over to.


      This does not seem to be the case.


      After a several minutes I check the Broker Configuration from my Standby Target and I see


      DGMGRL> show configuration;

      Configuration - broker1

        Protection Mode: MaxPerformance
          PRIMARYP - Primary database
          STANDBYP - (*) Physical standby database
          STANDBYL - Logical standby database

      Fast-Start Failover: ENABLED

      Configuration Status:
      ORA-01034: ORACLE not available
      ORA-16625: cannot reach database "PRIMARYP"
      DGM-17017: unable to determine configuration status


      Q. Why has my target STANDBYP not taken over as the primary ?


      any help greatly appreciated