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    APEX Report Formatting in PDF Help


      Hello there,


      I was asked to create a report in APEX that will generate a report in PDF. The report will have the first column that will print Institution names, the subtotal should print the institution sector (eg: research university or state University etc..) in the institution name, it also should be in italic and bold and indented about 5 point and the total should print "Total" in the Institution column indented, bold and italic. All the subtotals and total values must be bold and italic. At least bold if not italic.and the second column will be values for headcount. To demo this, I used Oracle OEHR data where I can print Employee name and will print for subtotal the employee job ittle and the total emploees.



      I want to have the result without rows and columns borders as well as no background color. I want to print the subtotal and total in bold and italic. Can you advise how to solve this problem? To see the actual report please visit https://app.usg.edu/portal/page/portal/USG123_10G/USG_ACA_TAB

      and click on the report to generate the report. Please also advice if this site functionality can be reproduced in APEX and how much will be your efforts?


      select NVL(OEHR_EMPLOYEES.FIRST_NAME, NVL( OEHR_JOBS.job_title, 'Employee Total')) as Employees,



      where OEHR_EMPLOYEES.job_id = OEHR_JOBS.job_id

      group by rollup(OEHR_JOBS.job_title, OEHR_EMPLOYEES.FIRST_NAME)

      order by OEHR_JOBS.job_title