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    ST6140 battery age reset error


      I have replaced batteries on Sun Storagetk 6140. First I have replaced tray.85battery.a without any problem. With tray .85.battery.b when I went to reset the battery age from CAM GUI I received this error:


      An error occurred during the operation to reset the battery.

      The error code is: Operation must be performed by alt controller.


      Also same error I’m getting when trying to reset battery age from CLI: 


      root@osssvr-1 # ./service -d ST6140-1 -c reset -t t85bat2

      Executing the reset command on ST6140-1

      Completion Status: Operation must be performed by alt controller.


      Do you have any clue for this issue?

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          Precisely what the error says, "must be performed by the alt controller".   Which suggest that your CAM host is only seeing 1 of 2 controller of the ST6140.  Both controllers of the 6140 should be connected to the network, typically in the same subnet as your CAM host.  If the physical connection is there,  then try ping from the CAM host to each controller's IP addr,  one of them probably fails,  then... network troubleshooting...



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