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    4.0EA3 Use of UNC based personal Folders does not work


      Apologies if this is a known & documented issue but in both EA2 & EA3 the File Save/Open dialogues do not work properly in a Corporate environment where the users paths are remote (e.g. UNC based).


      Instead it just shows the content of the C:\users\{user}\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer folder. I can use the Drives dropdown to navigate around the local drives but that is all.


      Clicking on 'Documents' for example should take me to my corporate area '\\iuser\ngd\005\{user}\My Documents' but nothing happens, No errors.


      Hope this helps.

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          Alan Lawlor



          I am having this problem also - all File Browser dialogs only allow access to by local C: (hard disk) and D: (DVD) drives


          I have tried the following accesses to the File Browser:

          File -> Open    : Does not work

          File -> Data Modeler -> Open : does not work

          Tools -> Preferences -> Environment -> Log -> Log Directory -> Browse : does not work



          Other drive mappings to our file servers are not available.


          This worked/works fine in SQLDEV 3.2


          Alan Lawlor