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    Unable to build dimension in essbase


      Hello Team,


      We are using Hyperion11.1.2.2 version of essbase. During our new implementation we are using Oracle as a datasource. We are build a new cube and we are done with all the dimensions except for one. As said we are using Oracle as a datasource, we are pulling all the dimensional information into view and building the dimensions based on that view.

      I have created a rule file and pull that view information into the rule file and it validated successfully, during the dimensional load its throwing error in the log file saying


      [Mon Dec  9 06:24:26 2013]Local/XXX/XXX/admin@Native Directory/140611098540352/Error(1007083)

      Dimension build failed. Error code [1]. Check the server log file and the dimension build error file for possible additional info."


      When i checked in the dataload.log  it shows 2  messages

      1. Invalid syntax error.

      2. error while adding member.


      But when i took the same export of dimensional information into a file and created a rule file against the flat file, data loaded successfully with out errors.


      Can anyone help us in fixing the issue.




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          Vasavya Chowdary

          Instead of building with interface , first I suggest build with flat file with very few members , take to manage to get extarcts of oracle interface

          once flast file works then we need to look on interface ...make sure u use new rule file


          Since there are few things which cant be answered directly but need to be dig in