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    OEDQ 9.0.8 & Siebel - is Loqate mandatory?

    Rob Knight-Oracle

      Hi, I am fairly new to OEDQ, so this may well be a very novice question. The Install guide for 9.0.8 or the 9.0.5 CDS make no mention of whether address validation is optional.


      I have a customer wanting to use OEDQ 9.0.8 with Siebel UCM but without any address validation. It appears all the processes are imported as part of the CDS 9.0.5 install, yet they have not purchased any Loqate data. This leads to errors as the processes fail to find Loqate.


      Is there a simple method to inactivate address validation or must each process be removed from OEDQ after the CDS install?


      I can find references to "when address cleansing is used" but no actual indication of how to stop it, other than possibly when configuring Address Matching per country, where there seems to be an Active/Inactive setting. Even so, I imagine address matching would still be started in order to evaluate the per country rules.


      Is having the Loqate data mandatory when using OEDQ 9.0.8 with CDS 9.0.5 and the Siebel Connector?