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    Using DataGuard with Peoplesoft Application.


      We are interested in setting up a Physical DataGuard environment to off load queries, fail over, off site disaster recovery.  Our primary database supports a Peoplesoft Application and this is running on HPUX on fairly new itanium hardware.  I would like to be able to setup our DataGuard environment on x86 Hardware running windows.  My Peoplesoft people are telling me that this will not work since Peoplesoft has so many patches specifically related to HPUX and itanium and the complexities of getting fail over and off loading these queries to a Win x86 environment and have everything play nice would be more trouble than it is worth.



      I am guessing 2 or 3 years from now we will be migrating off of HPUX and itanium to either Linux or Windows on x86.  I can not see us bringing up another HPUX itanium environment to support this.



      I guess my question is just to get second opinions on the feasibility of running Dataguard and Peoplesoft in this type of mixed environment.