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    Data Guard ObserverHB indicates lack of Observer pings at Primary only


      Hello community,


      We have updated our production primary and physical standby database from to, the update itself worked really fine without any issues and the data guard is working.

      The only thing is when we start the observer after a few second the the dg configuration comes up with the error "ORA-16820: fast-start failover observer is no longer observing this database" for the primary database only, not for the physical standby.


      When we turn up the dataguard tracelevel to support we can see this error:


      2013-12-11 21:19:43.934 00000000   662028838 DMON: Primary completed health check
      2013-12-11 21:19:43.934 00000000   662028838 DMON: Entered rfm_release_chief_lock() for MON_VERIFY
      2013-12-11 21:19:43.934                      DMON: Data Guard Broker Status Summary:
      2013-12-11 21:19:43.934                      DMON:   Type                        Name                             Severity  Status
      2013-12-11 21:19:43.935                      DMON:   Configuration               kxwms                             Warning  ORA-16607
      2013-12-11 21:19:43.935                      DMON:   Primary Database            kxwms1                              Error  ORA-16820
      2013-12-11 21:19:43.935                      DMON:   Physical Standby Database   kxwms2                            Success  ORA-00000
      2013-12-11 21:19:43.951                      WARNING: ObserverHB indicates lack of Observer pings at Primary


      Does any one know this problem, or can someone tell me were we can look for a better observer logfile?

      When we start the dgmgrl for the observer with the option "-logfile" we only see the the line:

      [W000 12/11 20:42:21.14] Observer started.


      Thanks for the Help!