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    Replicate Oracle Standard Edition DB


      Hello Experts

      I have an Oracle Standard Edition database (Oracle Database 11g Release - 64bit Production). I want to do a real time replication of the database. The two databases are not in the same network. They can be connected through internet. I see that Oracle Golden Gate can do this for Enterprise Edition databases, but not for Standard Editions. As they are not in the same n/w Streaming and data-guard may not work.


      Is there a third party tool which can do real time replication between two Oracle databases separated by internet?



      Thanks in Advance



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          Hi Georgey

          GoldenGate can be used for Standard Edition as well as stated in the "Oracle® GoldenGate Licensing Information Release 10. E15889-04 July 2010”:

          “The license for Oracle GoldenGate includes the ability to capture database transactions from Oracle Database and deliver database transactions to Oracle Database. It also includes a full use license for Oracle Active Data Guard, and a full use license for XStream. Note that the capture and deliver features of Oracle GoldenGate work with any edition of the Oracle Database, while Active Data Guard and XStream require Oracle Database Enterprise Edition."


          On the other Hand you can use SharePlex from DELL Software or Dbvisit Replicate. Both products are similar to GoldenGate (where SharePlex is like the father of all those products) and offer real time replication.

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            does that solve your question or do you need more information?