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    An unknown error has occurred in the HsvWebFormGeneratorACM object


      An unknown error has occurred in the HsvWebFormGeneratorACM Object.  I received this error message today when trying to extract a Data Form (or Web Form) from HFM to Excel.  I received the same error when trying to open the Data Form directly in Excel.  I did some research in the forums related to this error, but the replies seemed to key on a problem with a corrupted POV.  This was not the problem in my case.  I found that the default suppression settings in SmartView were the problem. 


      We are migrating from to  The older version of SmartView does not have a suppression setting for columns like the newer version of SmartView does.  I found that on my new version, the column suppression settings were all being defaulted to being enabled.  I disabled these settings and used the "Save As Default Settings" option before closing the SmartView options menu.  The next time I ran the export to Excel or opened a Data Form in Excel, the error message was gone and the form opened properly.


      Another post mentioned that the problem may be a combination of the Scalc function and suppression settings.  This appears to have applied here as well.  I did not get the above error when exporting or opening Data Forms that DID NOT include an Scalc formula.