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    Navigation to the APEX workspace login page while clicking the LOGO image in the application


      Hi friends,


      Im building an APEX application on the top of APEX 4.2.3, in that under the application properties for LOGO i referred an image like




      When i clicked that image in the application means, it is redirecting back to the home page, since i dont want that redirection to occur while clicking the image. Hence for that under the interface tab i cleared the navigation link that is referred for the HOME URL  = "f?p=&APP_ID.:1:&SESSION." with a space, as this HOME URL choice is the mandatory option to provide.

      Once after i referred a space for the HOME URL and after that if i clicked the image in application means then it is redirecting to the APEX workspace login page. Im not sure why this is happening soon after i referred a space for it.

      Kindly help me to restrict the page redirection while clicking the logo in the application.

      Thanks in advance.