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    associating a list of  names to a list of numbers


      Hi all, I am developing a demo application using apex. I am confused when I wanted to associate a list of names to a list of numbers: when I select a name in a form, the corresponding number is picket and registered in the database table. This is like using enumerations in JPA entities.
      Is this possible in apex, or I am obliged to create another table and make the attribute a foreign key?

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          Scott Wesley

          So do you want to use relationally designed tables or not, I'm not sure?


          You can define a 'select list' to use a list of values as such:

          select name, id
          from names
          order by name

          And the user will see the name, and the database will record the ID. Is this what you're asking?


          This information is available as help during the wizards, or if you click on relevant attribute labels.

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