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    Create metric alert in OEM 12c for windows services

    Abid Hasan


      I was wondering if there is a way to create metric alert for services on a windows host, so that when any service is in stopped state, we will get an alert.


      We can check the status of services from OEM that are running in a windows server.


      Host -> Monitoring -> All Metrics -> Services


      I got below command from this forum that was posted a long time ago,


      nmefwmi "wbem_wql=select name, pathname, processid, Started, startmode, state, status from win32_service" "wbem_wql_column_order=name, pathname, processid, Started, startmode, state, status" "wbem_namespace=root\cimv2"

      However, I am not sure where to run this command. Basically we want to get an alert when a windows service stops.