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    EBS R12 installation : Unzip failed : insufficient disk space (Even though there is disk space available)


      Dear Experts,


      I am a newbie to Oracle ERP and with guidelines of posts in forum , i tried to install EBS R12 on my system for learning purpose...


      So much of ground work done and i have done all the pre-requisites for installation on my windows xp machine. ...


      the here the config : 4 GB RAM, 500 GB hard disk......I know these are not sufficient in ideal conditions.....so gave a try to install..


      Installed all prerequisites  like visual studio 2005,cygwin, etc, (according to metalink and note and other forums post)..


      So, i have intiated the instlation, forutunately, ALL PRE-REQUISTIE TEST PASSED...AND   installation happened.


      But...unfotunately, step 2of 5, the following error occured : UNZIP failed, insufficient disk space...checked the log with timestamp.. where i found this...


      I am really wondering, at pre-requisite test it has cleared there is no space issue. but... when installing, it failed with this error.


      Even after that, with reference from other post, i have checked the md5sum with cygwin for all rar files..I dont see any failure for any part...that means my files are ok...


      i am disappointed with my first attempt....:) . Now i need to clean up and re-start again...(so much of effort for clean up )


      one question roaming in my mind , why oracle didnt provide uninstall tool to remove apps on its own instead we doing it incorrectly before re-install.. which would be easier task in case of failed installation (there might be reasons for not automating but...it will help me to simply the re-install process)


      Please help.. how can i proceed.


      Best Regards