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    How do I fix  unique constraint (SYSMAN.EM_METRIC_VALUES_PK) violated in OEM repository?


      I am running Enterprise manager and my repository is Looking at the emoms.log file I see numerous occurrences of (ORA-00001: unique constraint (SYSMAN.EM_METRIC_VALUES_PK) violated) errors -


      [2013-12-09T06:58:11.830-08:00] [EMGC_OMS1] [WARNING] [] [oracle.sysman.core.pbs.metric.load.MetricLoadErrors] [tid: GCLoader[data].- https://shiv.ucdavis.edu:3872/emd/main/] [userId: <anonymous>] [ecid: 0000K6t24t65AhWjLxQLOA1IN6lc000004,0:23114:1] [APP: empbs] [URI: /empbs/upload] MetricLoadShared.insertMetricRows: [25] bulk insert error(ORA-00001: unique constraint (SYSMAN.EM_METRIC_VALUES_PK) violated) [2013-12-09 06:44:36] [oracle_listener : LISTENER_shiv.ucdavis.edu : [MetricGroupName : Response : MetricGroupId = 3387]][oracle_listener : LISTENER_shiv.ucdavis.edu : [MetricGroupName : Response : MetricGroupId = 3387]]


      I don't understand why this is occurring. Some of the situations I can see causing this are an agent is misconfigured, the targets are not defined correctly.


      I had opened a Service Request with Oracle on another issue and one of the things they requested was the out put of ./repvfy -level 9 -detail and in the log file I see numerous references to issues with metrics. Some are -


      1002. Disabled response metrics (16570376)   #this is a reported bug I believe

      8001. Composite availability errors #reports numerous ORA-00001: unique constraint (SYSMAN.AVAILABILITY_PRIMARY_KEY) violated


      I have found note 1533609.1 but I don't believe this is relevant to this situation (although I could be wrong) I am not sure which path to take in resolving this issue, or if I even need to worry about it. I realize this is somewhat of a vague question but that is because I don't really understand where to look to assist in resolution of the issue. If anyone has had experience with this or has suggestions I would greatly appreciate them.


      Thank you.

      Bill Wagman

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          Hi Bill

          What is the SR number you created?

          Any action plan provided by support ?



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            Ansari - T-Oracle

            Hi Bill ,


            I do see the following note :



            EM 12c: Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Logs Numerous Errors: java.sql.SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: ORA-00001: unique constraint violated (Doc ID 1560555.1)



            And this has a patch associated with this on top of we need to have the exact stack

            of errors to determine that this is the same issue .



            If its a same issue we can a OOB on or raise a new bug to get addressed as its fixed in







            Kindest Regards


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              The service request is 3-8215107831 and I was told that I can "ignore this error messages, it wont effect to your functionality of OMS and Registered targets" although interestingly I recently ran the EMDIAG kit and I see numerous occurrences of the same error in Section 8001. Composite availability errors. The action states -


              = - A composite target will be marked as 'in error' if one of it's key

              =   dependant targets are in metric error state.

              = - If the problem persists after resolving the underlying problems on the

              =   key targets, generate the following information and contact Oracle

              =   Support:

              =   $ repvfy dump availability -guid <target guid>

              =   In case of a RAC database, also get this dump:

              =   $ repvfy dump rac -guid <target guid>

              =   In case of a Cluster (CRS), also get this dump:

              =   $ repvfy dump cluster -guid <target guid>


              I believe it has something to do with Metric errors but I am not certain whether it is something I must worry about. Given that the response to my service request was not to worry yet you have pointed out a possible bug I am not sure how to proceed.


              Thank you.

              Bill Wagman