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    Some concern about what jheadstart can do


      Hello jheadstart team.


      I'm in a company has a legacy Form 6i system. But we know that to 2017 Oracle does not support Form any more so we need to transit system to ADF. My manager ask me to research how does jheadstart conversion layout functions can do before we decided to buy licences version.


      I watched on demo some sceen Jheadstart convert form to ADF but screen in my system is much more complexity than screen you make demo(I don't know Jheadstart can work with form screen what is many field and component as my system)


      So can you help me make a demo transition layout of Form 6i to ADF?


      If you can I will send you a Form of my system what you will transit and send me back adf layout to see the result.


      Thank you so much.