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    Web Service call from Documaker Server?

    Gregg M

      Hi folks,


      We have a process where we'd like to create a document, and import (via AddMultiPageBitmap rule) an existing external document to send with the newly-created document. This external document is stored in FileNet. We could use a Java application to read our input file, call an Webservice utility to retreive the necessary documents and put them onto the server that we'd run the Documaker engines (GenData/GenPrint) on, where they could then find and import them from. However, rather than develope a new java application to do that, we're wondering whether we can call this webservice utility from within Documaker to retreive the documents from FileNet, and either do so within the AddMultiPageBitmap rule (eliminating the need to actually place the document on the server by just returning the bitstream to the Rule in lieu of telling it the file location), or whether we can at least do so prior to the AddMultiPageBitmap rule and put each document onto the server just before calling the AddMultiPageBitmap rule.


      So basically, Is it possible to do a Webservice call from GenData when running in batch on Linux? We're currently running 11.5.