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    What does it mean to Promote a target?


      I am struggling to understand what it means to promote a target in OEM 12c. As I understand it, it is necessary for a target to be 'promoted' in order for auto discovery to take place and in order for a target to be 'managed.' I have found Chapter 9 in the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Extensibility Programmer's Guide as well as MOS Note 1386161.1. The thing that is puzzling me is that having just upgraded from to the OEM console appears to show all the targets in my enterprise. Note 1386161.1 talks about unmanaged targets and that is another term I don't understand. What does it mean to be a managed target? Later on in the document that statement is made that promoting the target will deploy the agent on each host target selected. Again, I find that puzzling as the agents are up and running on all my targets.


      I suspect I am struggling with terminology here and would be most grateful for an assistance in understanding this.


      Thank you.

      Bill Wagman

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          Loc Nhan -Oracle

          Hi Bill,


          The following doc should help answer your questions.


          Discovering, Promoting, and Adding Targets



          - Loc

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            Hi Bill,


            In the Enterprise Manager context, a manageable entity is an entity that Enterprise Manager is capable of managing.



            A manageable entity can be in multiple states,


            - Not-Yet Managed (NYM) state

            - Managed state

            - Existence only state



            + Initially when a target is discovered, it is loaded into the Management Repository as an NYM entity. In this state, the entity is not  managed by a Management Agent yet.


            + The user can go to the discovery results page and assign them to a Management Agent along with required credentials. The entity then goes to managed state.


            + A discovered entity that Oracle does not support will have an existence only state. It is similar to an NYM entity except that it cannot be managed by Oracle.


            + Promotion refers to the process of converting unmanaged hosts and targets, which have been discovered in your network, to managed hosts and targets in Cloud Control so  that they can be monitored and managed efficiently.




            You can refer to below MOS note which covers the Host and Agent Target Promotion Flow and covers some steps to troubleshoot,


            EM 12c: Troubleshooting Issues related to Missing / Status Pending / Metric Collection Error for Host or Agent Targets after Agent installation (Doc ID 1595464.1)






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              Thank you both, I think this has all the information to answer my questions. I've got some reading to do.


              Thank you.

              Bill Wagman