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    Using OHS to redirect traffic based on intranet or internet URL




      we have a requirement where we have to launch our application on internet. Application is working fine on local intranet URL or internet URL but not working on both at same time.we have application developed with ADF and other fusion components.


      This is the topology we are using here :-

      SPS(secured proxy server to configure internet URL) --> OHS -> Managed server(1,2,3,4)


      We have to setup a URL redirect rule at OHS level where

      ---> if the incoming traffic is from intranet URL application work based on intranet URL's BUT

      -->if the traffic is coming from internet URL, OHS internally take care of URL redirect and work for external users too..


      Summery is, application should work for both internet and intranet URL, but pls note both the URL are different



      intranet- https:\\abcd.intranet.xxx.com\abs\login

      internet - https:\\abcd.xxx.com\abs\login


      could someone pls help me on this and provide your valuable suggestion on how we can achieve this at OHS level...