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    Replicate one table to another instance


      Hi specialists,

      i have a question, i have to replicate one oracle table to another instance.

      My setup is like this (Oracle 11g,


      On Database 'Master', i have one table with about 200 inserts per second (no deletion, no updates, housekeeping by dropping a partition each month).


      For some reasons, i want to access this table on a other DB-Instance on a other Server, let's call it 'Slave'.

      So, i need a mechanism that replicates all inserts on 'Master' to 'Slave'.

      On the 'Slave-DB' will run special selects, so i need som indexes there.


      For financial reason, i don not want use GoldenGate.


      Is ther a simple mechanism to do this ?

      I thought about creating a trigger that is fired at each insert on 'Master' and does a insert to 'Slave' via a database-link, but

      maybe there are better solutions for this ?