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    Debugging HFM rules


      Hello there!


      We have a HFM rule - Sub Equity Pick Up that isn't working so we decided to debug it. We searched all along the web how to debug but all we could find was this method described from pages 20 to 22. Link: http://www.slideshare.net/Ranzal/advanced-topics-in-calc-manager-for-hfm


      We followed the steps described in this presentation and looked into the calc manager log in the path middleware_home/user_projects/domains/domain name/servers/managed server name/logs

      But it wrote nothing related to the rule in this log file.


      We're using Calculation Manager with Formula components, not script. And even that script WriteToFile didn't work as well.


      Do you know how to debug a HFM rule or even if the way I did is the correct?