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    Hitting strange error for data pump extract (Input rba past EOF)


      After restarting data pump extract that was offline for several days, it's constantly hits the following error and abends.


      2013-11-18 12:52:33  ERROR   OGG-01033  There is a problem in network communication, a remote file problem, encryptio

      n keys for target and source do not match (if using ENCRYPT) or an unknown error. (Remote file used is /u01/app/ggate

      /dirdat/RC000204, reply received is Input rba past EOF for /u01/app/ggate/dirdat/RC000204; input rba: 99990811; EOF r

      ba: 99930112).


      When I restart it passes the error and then after a few minutes hits a similar again.


      It still has more than 10 Gb of trail files to process.