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    How to change the default for the "Outcome" field on the Document Builder




      I wish to change the default on the Procurement Document Builder for the field "Outcome"


      Currently, it shows "Blanket Purchase Agreement".

      I want it to be "Standard Purchase Order".


      The navigation in R12 is Sourcing Manager->Sourcing->Sourcing Home Page->Requisitions tab.


      I found that the controller name is ReqSearchCO.


      I extended the controller (xxReqSearchCO) and i am trying to set the new value "Standard Purchase Order" using setValue.


      The only problem is that i cannot specify the attribute name that i have to set the value.


      OAMessageChoiceBean c1 = (OAMessageChoiceBean)oawebbean.findIndexedChildRecursive("??????????");









      Can somebody help me??