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    Human Task in jDeveloper 11g users list not available


      I have the problem, I defined SQL authenticator in wenlogic, and I want to do assignment at human task. But, human task only see jazn users, alhough I see the users defined in db at weblogic console


      Caused By: ORABPEL-10509


      User not found.

      User "bpmuser1" is not found in configuration "jazn.com"

      Check if the user exists in the repository specified by the configurations. Check the error stack and fix the cause of the error. Contact oracle support if error is not fixable.


      at oracle.tip.pc.services.identity.jps.JpsProvider.lookupUser(JpsProvider.java:795)

      at oracle.tip.pc.services.identity.jps.AuthorizationServiceImpl.lookupUser(AuthorizationServiceImpl.java:223)

      at oracle.tip.pc.services.identity.jps.IdentityServiceImpl.lookupUser(IdentityServiceImpl.java:171)

      at oracle.bpel.services.workflow.verification.impl.VerificationService.lookupUser(VerificationService.java:3670)

      at oracle.bpel.services.workflow.verification.impl.VerificationService.c



      How do I make users from myrealm in WLS available to the worklist app?