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    Referencing CSS from Shared Components/Cascading Style Sheets

    Walt K

      Apex 4.0


      I've been placing my CSS style sheet in Shared Components/Cascading Style Sheets. And referencing it as follows <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" media="screen" href="#WORKSPACE_IMAGES#app300.css">.


      For weeks all has seemed to work fine. I make changes to app300.css in Cascading Style Sheets. Clear cache. And see my change.


      But suddenly it stopped working. More specifically my updates don't take. I firebug and look at the file under CSS and don't see my changes. app300.css is unchanged. Then I deleted app300.css from Shared Components/Cascading Style Sheets. The file is deleted. No longer in the Cascading Style Sheets panel. But the old file still appears when I look under firebug.


      Simply a brain cramp for me. I know this is probably obvious but I can't figure it out.