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    Creating physical standby db through grid control 11g fails with "default listener is not running"

    balaji.jayaraman -Oracle

      On step 4/6, i am getting error like below

      ErrorExamine and correct the following error(s), then re-try the operation.Default Listener in Grid Infrastructure - The default listener in the grid infrastucture is not running.


      I have the listener running on grid user and grid home, 11.2 in both primary and standby.


      During these steps till 4, its no where asked for grid user password.


      Not sure how it will detect the grid home listener.


      Listener is running with default port 1521 on both the servers primary and standby


      On the step 4 screen the other option for default listener is non-default listener and its pointing to db home and not grid home.


      So i guess oracle is looking for the listener to be up on the db home and not on grid home causing the issues,


      if so how to fix this ?


      I am using role separation, separate user for grid and oracle homes grid and oracle user and all are on db + grid