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    Oracle linux yum repository .


      Hi All,


      I need to configure Oracle repository in OEL 5.4 Server.I have configure http://public-yum.oracle.com/repo/OracleLinux/OL5/lates repo on my test server it is working properly.But in production server i have to enable Firewall port so i have enabled 80/443 port for both IP which i got nslookup  public-yum.oracle.com  ie198.189.255.200 and yum is not taking any update from my oracle public repo.port is listening..




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          You can download a valid version of the repository configuration from Oracle Public Yum Server. Keep in mind that the "wget" command shown on the web page does not remove your existing configuration and that the "Latest" channel will include all available errata and patches. Therefore "yum update" will update the system to the current distribution, i.e. OL 5.10. You can also enable only the appropriate "Base" distribution by editing the file, but then you will not get any software updates.


          To see if the Firewall configuration is the culprit, you can temporarily disable it as root:

          [root@vm110 ~]# service iptables [ stop | start ]


          To check, which yum repository channels are available and status:


          [root@vm110 ~]# yum repolist all

          Loaded plugins: rhnplugin, security

          This system is not registered with ULN.

          You can use up2date --register to register.

          ULN support will be disabled.

          repo id                          repo name                                                                                                   status

          el5_addons                   Enterprise Linux 5Server Add ons (x86_64)                                               disabled

          el5_ga_base                 Oracle Linux 5Server GA installation media copy (x86_64)                       disabled

          el5_latest                      Oracle Linux 5Server Latest (x86_64)                                                        enabled: 12,562

          el5_oracle_addons       Oracle Software addons for Enterprise Linux 5Server (x86_64)                disabled

          el5_u1_base                 Enterprise Linux 5Server Update 1 installation media copy (x86_64)        disabled

          el5_u2_base                 Enterprise Linux 5Server Update 2 installation media copy (x86_64)        disabled

          el5_u3_base                 Enterprise Linux 5Server Update 3 installation media copy (x86_64)        disabled

          el5_u4_base                 Enterprise Linux 5Server Update 4 installation media copy (x86_64)        disabled

          el5_u5_base                 Enterprise Linux 5Server Update 5 installation media copy (x86_64)        disabled

          el5_unsupporte            Productivity Applications for Enterprise Linux 5Server (x86_64)                 disabled

          ol5_UEK_bas               Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel for Oracle Linux 5Server (x86_64)            disabled

          ol5_UEK_latest            Latest Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel for Oracle Linux 5Server (x86_64)  enabled:    259

          ol5_u5_base                Oracle Linux 5Server Update 5 installation media copy (x86_64)               disabled

          ol5_u6_base                Oracle Linux 5Server Update 6 installation media copy (x86_64)               disabled

          ol5_u7_base                Oracle Linux 5Server Update 7 installation media copy (x86_64)               disabled

          ol5_u8_base                Oracle Linux 5Server Update 8 installation media copy (x86_64)               disabled

          ol5_u9_base                Oracle Linux 5Server Update 9 installation media copy (x86_64)               disabled

          repolist: 12,821

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            I have already enablen base U10, here i am not using iptables insted im using externel firewall only. my problem is that i unable to add url or name as public-yum.oracle.com i can only add by IP Adress, i just check the nsloookup for the same i got above two IPs and i have added as trusted IP. but still my yum not querying public repo. is the any which i can give insted of public-yum.oracle.com?? Please help me





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              Are you having trouble resolving the TCP/IP addresses? In this case you should check your DNS configuration. Is it the Firewall, what have you configured? Are you using DHCP? Please provide a better description of your problem and if possible include what you get on screen instead of what you think might be the issue.

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                Anyone can provid IP address which i can use insted of public-yum.oracle.com.

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                  public-yum.oracle.com is not having static IP. It is based on dynamic IP, which contains difference IP addresses each time.