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    URI normalization breaks Windows network paths


      URI normalization as performed by URI.normalize() breaks Windows network paths such as \\SERVER\path.


      This is illustrated by following program:



      public void uriNormalizationBreaksWindowsNetworkPaths() {

        File file = new File("\\SERVER\path");                           // Replace with an existing file on an network path

        assertThat(file.exists(), is(equalTo(true)));                    // Precondition

        URI uri = file.toURI();                                          // file:////SERVER/path -> correct

        assertThat(new File(uri).exists(), is(equalTo(true)));           // Succeeds

        URI normalizedUri = uri.normalize();                             // file:/SERVER/path -> incorrect

        assertThat(new File(normalizedUri).exists(), is(equalTo(true))); // Fails



      It seems to me that this is a bug in the JDK.

      Does anyone know of any utilities that do a better job at normalizing URIs?