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        Btw, the link to user accounts on OTN when selecting the username handle does not work for my account because I changed my username handle a few month ago, experimenting with white space and other hidden characters in the name. You could for instance add a non-breaking white space character to the end or between your username, which will not be visible but break the link on the fake OTN pages. On Mac you can create a non-breaking space (U+00A0) as opposed to a normal space (U+0020) by pressing Option-Space on the keyboard.

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          BluShadow wrote:


          I think it's this one...


          Google is better for searching OTN forums

          Yep, the pattern/sequence of postings match.

          A couple of other 'interesting' observations, for what  it's worth . . .


          - the message timestamps do not correct for local timezone, the way they do (mostly?!?!?) on the real forum

          - on the one message posted by a moderator, it was not able to pull the image for the moderator's 'badge'.

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            Hoek wrote:


            Nice catch, Blu! How did you find that out?

            Never mind, it's in the source as well, I noticed...


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            Actually, I looked at the date and time of the last post on the thread and then went into the real community to look for the same date/time on the "last activity" column. 

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              I wonder what my daughter looks like?

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                Here you go...

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