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    How to find Active Dynamic tab (disclosed) UIComponent?


      Hi all,


      I newbie to Fusion App. extension, preparing a separate application to integrate. My application consist of multiple taskflows and will be opened as seaparate tabs (uses the default UIShell) template. As a part of my application, I may require to do some coding in managed bean to refresh UI components resides inside my page. To make it happen, I need to find the Acitve tab first (i.e. the one that is disclosed).




      Does fusion app provides any API or util (say DynamicTabUtil.findComponent(String pComponentId) -- suppose to search component not from view root but the Active tab) to find the current Active dynamic tab component? If so, please let me know the documentation link. If not, is there any way to get this done. (To get this done, I should aware of the standard oracle uses in generating ids for Dynamic tab).


      Thanks in Advance.