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    OEID 2.3 Lexalytics java.lang.nosuchMethodError




      I am running OEID 2.3.0 using the WIndows installer and have installed Salience lexalytics on the same. It was working just fine till I did some changes to the JDK setups on the machine.

      However now I have reverted the jdk back to JDL 7 but every time I try to run the graph on my local CLover ETL client, I am getting the following error:


      INFO  [main] - Checking graph configuration...

      INFO  [main] - Salience license: C:\lexalytics\textenrichsentiment51_perm_license.v5

      INFO  [main] - Salience data dir: C:\lexalytics\survey_data

      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: <init>

        at com.lexalytics.salience.Salience.initializeIds(Native Method)

        at com.lexalytics.salience.Salience.<clinit>(Salience.java:19)

        at com.endeca.clover.adapters.salience.SalienceComponent.init(SalienceComponent.java:442)

        at com.endeca.clover.adapters.salience.SalienceComponent.checkConfig(SalienceComponent.java:768)

        at org.jetel.graph.Phase.checkConfig(Phase.java:347)

        at org.jetel.graph.TransformationGraph.checkConfig(TransformationGraph.java:1113)

        at org.jetel.graph.runtime.EngineInitializer.initGraph(EngineInitializer.java:222)

        at org.jetel.graph.runtime.EngineInitializer.initGraph(EngineInitializer.java:202)

        at org.jetel.main.runGraph.runGraph(runGraph.java:364)

        at org.jetel.main.runGraph.main(runGraph.java:328)


      Has anybody faced this issue before ? Any idea what could be causing it to no find the main class ? I tried digging in the code for Salience package as well but there is nothing in the method  initializeIDs()