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    Oracle RAC multiple LISTENERS

    Farid Samadov



      I have 2 test databases on single Oracle RAC installation.

      Is it possible to configure separate  LISTENERS for databases?


      Oracle v.

      OS RHEL 6.3

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          Yes, it's possible. You can just run netca ora manually create listener and then add it as resource srvctl add listener

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            Anar Godjaev

            Hi Farid,


            Yes it is possible: You can create listener (netca or manualy) and add listener to resource srvctl .


            1) Create a new RAC listener using 'netca'


            As the grid user invoke "netca" from the 11.2 GRID_HOME, the select "Cluster configuration" -> "Listener configuration" -> "Add", enter Listener name as required.  For example: "LISTENER_MON".

            On the next page, "Select Subnet", the 2nd subnet will appear in the drop down list.


            For example:


            $ ./netca

            Oracle Net Services Configuration:
            Oracle Net Configuration Assistant is launched from Grid Infrastructure home. Network configuration will be clusterwide.
            Configuring Listener:LISTENER_MON
            Listener configuration complete.
            Oracle Net Listener Startup:
                Listener started successfully.
            Oracle Net Services configuration successful. The exit code is 0

            2) Add listener


            $ ./srvctl add listener -l LISTENER_MON -s -p 1523 -k 2


            3) Verify the new RAC listener


            $ lsnrctl status LISTENER_MON


            Thank you