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    Trouble using an item variable in a report query




      Apex 4.2

      Theme: jQuery Mobile


      I have a page with 2 regions.  An html region with a select list that populates an item called P1_RESIDENT and below that a report region which will show rows dependent on what is selected in the above select list.


      My select list definition is:

      select aka as display_value, id as return_value

        from RESIDENT

      order by 1


      The query in my report is:

      select decode (two_person_lift,'Y','2 Person Lift','1 Person lift') as "2 person lift"

      from resident

      where id = :P1_RESIDENT


      My expectation is the user will select a person from the list and a name will be displayed and P1_RESIDENT will get set with the return_value of id.  The report region will then run and display rows.


      Unfortunately all I am getting in the report region is this:



      What am I doing wrong ?