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    Network Error


      Hi All,


      We are using Essbase 9.3.1 version and of late we are seeing following error message in Essbase logs. At times Essbase server also gets hanged and have to restart service.


      "Network error: The client or server timed out waiting to receive data using TCP/IP.  Check network connections.  Increase the NetRetryCount and/or NetDelay values in the ESSBASE.CFG file. Update this file on both client and server.  Restart the client and try again."


      All values are defaults and we have not changed anything, but few months back we started facing issues.

      Can someone help with possible root cause and resloution.


      Thanks in Advance.



      Naresh Babu

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          please check the following oracle support doc for the same

          (Doc ID 1279378.1)

          Error "1042017 Network error: The client or server timed out waiting to receive data using TCP/IP. Check network connections"



          - DM

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            You can get blogs guided information for this issue.

            It is suggested to have the combined values not higher than 10 minutes, as this might have a negative performance impact.


            NETDELAY 600
            NETRETRYCOUNT 800


            600*800 ==> /1000(milliseconds) ==> /60(seconds) = 8 Minutes


            If values are set too high. The client and server are able to communicate, but some server processes are slowed down considerably and the NETDELAY and NETRETRYCOUNT values have been set to high values (.eg NETDELAY 10000, NETRETRYCOUNT 5000)
            In this case decreasing the values will help to resolve the problem (see above notes)





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              What kind of process is running (ex., calculation, retrieve,etc) when you received the error?. You get this error if the server is down / network issues / time out issue (As Amith mentioned)